Comprovantes de Depósitos?

Sempre que você fizer uma doação, procure guardar os comprovantes em local seguro e nunca perca. Os comprovantes devem ser guardados enqaunto você contnuar jogando no InstinctRO.

Primeira Doação?

Caso sejá sua primeira doação, procure se informar bem com o atendente do banco para que lhe seja indicado qual o numero do comprovante, assim você garante a que está informando o número correto.

How To Donate?

  1. Click at your site link: Homepage.
  2. Click in the "Donations" link.
  3. Reads the instructions with attention, and follows as indicated.
  4. If you are brazilian, Choice Bradesco Bank or Post offices, Bank Box or Lottery House.
  5. If you are from another country, choice Paypal or Western Union.
  6. Effects the deposit and it keeps the voucher.
  7. Access our site again, click form and it fills with attention the data, does not forget to inform the number it of the voucher.
  8. For better instructions, enters in contact with us via IRC:

Writes down the data of the account of that bank by your choice and go to the chosen place to deposit, Bradesco Bank or Post offices, Bank Box or Lottery House, paypal or western union. All these 6 places you obtain to carry through its deposit, have taken a paper with the data of the account until an attendant and only have asked for to it that she deposits "such value" in this account, if you use paypal, you must read the paypal site instructions on how to pay with your credit card, after this, you will receive a voucher, you keep it with you. In house you have access the site and send the Form of donation with data of the voucher and your InstinctRO account.
To Paypal and Western Union users, there are details right down this page

What it is Credit Card and Refine Card?

Credit Card = A card that you use to change for Itens of donation, basically its credit that you exchange for item, it now is rare used in visa of this new system, therefore players receives the itens from npc without needing to change for card.
Refine Card = A card that you use to refine any equipment its for +10 using the Donater Refiner NPC.

How much time delays?

After the sending of your voucher of payment or form for our email, we will go to confer and to authorize its donation. Any attempt of fraud the player will be punished rigorously. Deposits in CHECK, will have an open assembly time of 3 days, to prevent frauds with stopped checks or without deep. The time to receive can take 2 days or up to 4 days depending on the amount of order and how much time the flock will go to lead to confirm its deposit (at weekend more they are delayed).

How to receive the itens?

You already chose itens, made the deposit and sent its voucher or form for our email?
Ok, is in the hour to catch the itens! Enters in the game, goes until the city of Prontera, north goes up stops close to kafra and locates to the side the NPC's de Donation.

NPC (1) Donater Refiner NPC - This NPC can refine your itens, if it is a god weapon, the npc can add element too, of simple add a +10 upgrade. Only non-sloted weapons can have elements. You must have a refine card to trade to this npc.

NPC (2) Donation NPC - This NPC is used to receive your itens, just wait a Admin to update the NPC and you can check it to get the itens. If you take so long to receive the itens,(more than 4 days) pls contact us.

Which Itens Can I Choose?

You can check here Complete list of Itens In our forum, in the sub-forum of announcements or you can verify in link "Itens" in the top of this page. In the future our new system of virtual store will have the disposal.

How to use the virtual store?

As soon as possible we will release a virtual store with everything, so that it is easy for all, we are working for your comfort.

Donations via Paypal

If you are out of Brazil, we give our Paypal account for its comfort.
To use the Paypal you need an international credit card and either brazilians can use the Paypal system.

  1. Acesse the site of the Paypal.
  2. Register your Paypal account.
  3. Add your number of credit card: "Paypal Verification".
  4. Send the form below for our email.

Ok we had some problems with paypal frouds then I do not need to say how this harms the server.
So we decided to make rules to paypal donations.

1-We only accept donations from "registered" paypal accounts.
Q: How can i register my account?
A: Click this link and read the information pls

2-We only accept donations from "verified" paypal accounts.
Q How can i become "verified"?
A: Click this link and read the information pls
Q: Where is the Card Verification box when I register my card?
A: When you sign up to make a payment, you are required to enter the Card Verification Number for your credit card.

3-Three things that must coincide to if making one donate
-Your paypal email must be the same as your server account email adress.
-You need to send us the donate information to our email and use the same email adress again.
-You need to fill some informations that you will find at our donation form and send it to us.


Western Union is the best way to international transfers.

1-Enter the Western Union site and chose your country.
2-At the new page click at the FIND AGENT and note the adress of the bank near you.
3-Note this informations(EXACTLY) and go to the bank.

Name:Leonardo Alberto Brilhante do Vale
Adress: Rua Flaminia 678 fundos 104, Vila da Penha
City: Rio de Janeiro
State: Rio de Janeiro
Country: Brasil

4-Once there, ask at the bank how to use the Western Union services, they will inform on how to proced.
5-The bank will supply the deposit slip to it, dont forgets to ask for to the attendant of the bank for it to indicate the control number, therefore without the control number, the transference could not be effected.
6-Be back online, copy the Donation Form bellow and send to our email

Two things that must coincide to if making one donate
-You need to send us the donate information to our email and use the same email adress again.
-You need to fill some informations that you will find at our donation form and send it to us.

Donation Form to Paypal and/or Western Union

Complet name:
Paypal account e-mail:
Western Union Control Number:

Terms of Agreement

By submitting donations you agree to the following.

The InstinctRO group is a group of Ragnarok Online fans that have decided to unite to permit all the people to know this game, without paying anything, but we accept donations. Donations help the server in all ways. It allows us to maintain and upgrade the server throughout the existance of InstinctRO.
We offer gifts to those who donate to us. If you would like to donate, there are multiple methods. Scroll down further to view.
Gifts as nonreciprocal, voluntary transfers of assets from private organizations, individuals, or others to InstinctRO. Donations as monies and materials given by private persons and organizations to InstinctRO without receiving anything in exchange. The term donation is used interchangeably with the term gift throughout this document.
Upon donating, you agree that you are NOT entitled to receive any compensation in lieu of the donation you made, but instead, rewarded with a virtual gift, for your generosity.

In the event that you donate you must agree that:

1. You are not purchasing time, services, or goods.
2. Used credit card or the bank account would used you effect the donation MUST belong you or to a direct relative, father, mother, brothers, husband or wife
3. If your account is terminated for any reason, you are not entitled to a reimbursement.
4. Donation gifts will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or dropped in game. Except during Wipes. InstinctRO maintains a list of every donated item and its especific owner.
5. Anything beyond the server cost will be used to compensate gamemasters based on how much work they perform and the complexity of the work. Those do not agree with this do not need to donate. But, it is fair we tell you.
6. InstinctRO reserves the right to modify this agreement without prior notice.

-Answers below YES or NOT to the questions:
1-Do you agrees to the "Terms of Agreement" above?
2-Do you have knowledge that you are carrying through a "donation"?
3-The used credit card or the used account of bank to effect the donation must belong to you or have restricted origin of direct kinship with the total agreement of the bearer of the account of bank or credit card. Confirm such procedure? Identifies the origin of card (You, Father, Mother, Brother, husband or wife).
4-Do You agree that, once effected the donation, you will not be able to ask for reimbursement?
5-After to receive your notification from donation by email, we compromise them in taking all the necessary steps in about 4 working days, contrary case we proceed contact by email for taking care of better to it. —Do You agree to this term?-Fills the information below and in it always sends them for

email that to make a donation:
Server Email:
Server Login:
Main Char:
Char Sex: Male/female
Bank: Western Union or Paypal
Payment: US Dollars
Date: dd-mm-2007
Time: xx:xx
Value(USD): $00,00 USD

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