How to use proxy

Instructions to enable proxy
You can enable proxies on Firefox 2 by doing the following:

1) Click on Tools/Advanced/Network
2) Click on "Settings" under Connection
3) Click on "Manual proxy connection"
4) Enter for HTTP Proxy, and 80 for the port.

Similar procedure for other browsers, for example:
Internet Explorer: Tools/Internet Options/Connections/Settings/"Use Proxy", etc.
You can also enable proxy through a download manager such as IDM by going to Options>Proxy.
Find more PROXIES or google keyword Anonymous Proxies and look specifically for Korean proxies.

How to use Torrent

Will require a BitTorrent client. HERE is a list of clients you can use.
1)Download and install your Torrent client.
2)Download the Torrent file link.
3)Double click or right click> Open at the file and the Torrent client will autorun.

Running more than one private server:
Some peopla like to play more than one server, but we strongly recommend to do not run the patchs at the same folder, never!!
Open a new folder and instalations to KRO and SAKRAY to every new private server you want to play!

  • e.g. - Gravity/RO = InstinctRO
  • e.g. - Gravity/RO2 = aeRO
  • e.g. - Gravity/RO3 = XileRO


Download Instructions

InstinctRO Patch v6.2 Download

Patch v6.2 Download
Its a rapidshare link, to use it just roll the page down and click the free button, than wait a few seconds and input the numbers/latters at the image into the confirmation box.

Click the DOWNLOADS link

KRO e SAKRAY Download

Download by PROXIES

1. Download the Internet Download Manager (30 Day trial) (No spyware or viruses come with it :3) Get it at
2. Open it up. Up near the top there should be a row of buttons with pictures on them, and they buttons go in this order. Add URL, Resume, Stop, Stop All, Delete Completed, and then right after that, Options. Click on the options button.
3. Go to the Proxy tab.
4. There should be an unchecked box at the top that says "Use HTTP Proxy." Check that box.
5. Get a Korean proxy. The one that I used was
Port: 3128
(If this proxy doesn't work, then I'll supply a list of others at the right notes)

6. In the box that says IP, type the IP number, in my case I used the one I supplied up there, which was and in the box that says Port: I put 3128 (Just remember, if those IP's and Ports don't work, which they probably won't, I'm willing to bet they're expired now, I've supplied a list at the right notes.)
7. Click the OK box. Then click these two links.
kRO: 17/04/2007
Mirror 01 -

Sakray: 17/04/2007
Mirror 01
Mirror 02
Mirror 03
Mirror 04;7457083;/

8. The Internet Download Manager should pop up with a window that says Download File Info. Click start download. Do this for both kRO and Sakray. It may take 1-3 hours depending on your connection, but just leave the Internet Download Manager up, and go get something to eat, watch a movie, or hang out with some friends .

Download by Torrent

There is no KRO or SAKRAY 0103 link untill this date, but you can wait a few days and once they release a torrent link, we will add this.

Install Instructions

Installing kRO and Sakray
1. Minimum System Requirements

To be able to play Ragnarok Online, your machine must meet at least the minimum requirements needed:

Processor: Intel™ Pentium, Celeron, AMD Athlon or Duron class processor at least 500MHz (1.6GHz processors recommended)
Memory: 128MB RAM (256MB recommended)
Video Card: Direct3D compatible Video Card with at least 32MB VRAM (Nvidia, GeForce 2 level or higher recommended)
Sound: DirectSound compatible Sound Card
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
DirectX: DirectX 8.1 (9.0c recommended, DirectX 9.0c download link)

Note: I used a Dell Latitude CPxJ laptop running on an Intel Pentium III 500MHz Processor, 128MB RAM, 8MB VRAM and DirectX 7.0 and the lag was hell >_<

2. Installing kRO, Sakray and InstinctRO (Win98, WinXP)

After checking the specs and making sure that our machine meets the minimum requirements needed, it’s time now to install the game clients.

Double-click RAG_SETUP0xxx and you will get the installer’s welcome screen

*Clicking on the left button will take you next to the EULA screen

*Notice how the “Next” (middle button) is grayed-out? After you click the “Accept” button (leftmost button) the ”Next” button will be selectable

*Clicking next will take you to the Destination Folder screen

Note: In WinXP, the back slashes \ are replaced by W

*If you wish to change the destination folder of the game you may do so in the box provided or by clicking on ”Browse” (button besides the input box) in my case I’ve decided to put the game in D:\Program Files\Gravity\RO

*A pop-up box informing that the destination does not exist and asks whether to create the folder, selecting ”Yes” will take us next to the actual installation process screen

*After the installation finishes, the Finish screen will come up, unclick the check box so the client will not run after you click ”Finish”


You have just installed Ragnarok Repeat the same procedures for SAK_SETUP0xxx

After installing Sakray.
Credits: HarryBoy

  • Update KRO
  • Update SAKRAY
  • Install Patch v5 and update

Follow this install instructions and will be ok!!!

After to download the patch v5, place it inside your RO folder and remember to never use the same folder to more than one server ok.
Use the INSTINCTRO.EXE red icon to selfupdate

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