Frequently Asked Questions

General F.A.Q.

Q: What is Ragnarok Online?

See the Introduction to Ragnarok Online for details.

Q: Where can I get the game?

In InstinctRO, you can always look for the kRO and Sakray to play. InstinctRO is based on the Korean Ragnarok Online version, so you'll need to have these files above. For more details, enter the InstinctRO Web Site and Fórums. (

Q: How can I sign up?

Just by going to our website and click on "Control Panel" link. You'll be redirectedo the InstinctRO Control Panel, and there you'll have a link for registering a new RO Account.

Q: Is there a Mac version of Ragnarok Online available?

No. The Mac operating system will likely never be supported.

Q: Is there a monthly fee?

No, there's not a Monthly Fee on our actual server. It's a free private RO server, just for the fun of the fans! But, as you should know, nothing works for free, and the hosts we set up InstinctRO are no exception. What we do accept is Donation. You can always donate for the server, if you like it or if you want it online, functioning. We're not here to obligate you to donate for us, but we do ask, and by a meaning for thanking your kindness, we always give presents for the ones who donate for us! They're Special Item, not found ingame, and only donators have them. To check them out, visit our Website.

Q: What if I don't have a credit/debit card?

If you're Brazilian, you may just get to the forums/website and take note of the agency and account number of Admins' bank, and make a deposit. Follow the instructions for receiving your gifts. International users can do it by PayPal, and the website explains how, or with deposit too. But, must be an Brazilian Bank, which sends the money the Admins' accounts.

Q: What is Sakray?

Sakray is a test server giving twice the drop and experience rates as the main servers. It tests game updates so there is a risk of wipes (losing all your characters/items).

In-Game F.A.Q.

Q: How do I make a character?

Simply select an empty box (you are given 9) and click on the Make button.

Q: What stats should I put for my starting character?

Depending on a build this can be important so it's good to find out before creating the character.

Q: How do I move and attack?

See Basic Game Control for details.

Q: My novice's job level has stopped at level 10, why is that?

At this point of the game, basic training is complete. The novice can become one of many classes that are available in the game. Also see: Classes

Q: What class is the best?

Each class is different in its own way. Gravity attempts to make all classes equal.

Q: I'm level xx, where should I level?

There are no general areas to level. However, politely asking an experienced player is a good starting point. Leveling areas depend on class, skills, stats, and gear.

Q: How come this monster started attacking me even though I didn't attack him?

That is an aggressive monster and will attack even when unprovoked. There are many types of monsters. See Monsters for more detail.

Q: How do I make a guild?

See Guild System for details.

Troubleshooting F.A.Q.

Q: Why do I get "Failed to get 'xxx.rgz' or 'xxx.gpf'" when patching?

This is either caused by a busy patch server or a previously failed patch. Wait a few minutes and then try again.

Q: Why do I experience lag when playing?'

A good connection between client and server depends on the internet service provider (ISP). With a good ISP, lag is minimal. Sometimes, it is the server that is bogged down. In this case, others will experience the lag as well. Another possibility is not having the required hardware to run the program.

Q: My character is stuck. How do I become unstuck?

Using a Teleport as such Fly or Butterfly wing usually fixes this problem. If items are unusable log off and then log on. If the problem persists, restart the client. If this doesn't work, re-install the program and repatch. If that fails, contact a GM through the website.

Q: What is a Time Gap Error?

It is an error caused by packet loss, incorrect network settings, or incorrect BIOS settings.

Q: What does the "cannot init D3D or GRF file has a problem!" error mean?

It is an error dealing with graphics. Please verify that hardware requirements are fulfilled and drivers are up-to-date. Also, please be sure to have the latest version of DirectX installed. Running Windows in 16-bit color mode may also solve this problem.

Q: Help! I keep getting a "Failed to connect to server." message!

This problem is usually caused by a faulty connection between client and game server. First, make sure the internet is accessible. If the problem persists, the server may be down. Try again later and check the server status with sites such as this. As a last resort, contact a GM through the website.


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