Guild System


The guild system of Ragnarok Online was made to allow the formation of communities with guild members and to form the basis to prepare for the War of Emperium.
Guild Creation

To make a guild, you will need an 'Emperium.' (When you use an Emperium to create a guild, you will not be able to get one back if you decide to break the guild.)

If you have obtained an Emperium, and have it on the character you want to make the guild on, create a guild by typing /guild "guild name". The character you made the guild on is now the "Guild Master." Once you have made a guild, the name and who leads it cannot be changed (Unless there's something that goes against the TOS, in which case Gravity may either change the name and ask you to come up with a new one, or disband it).
Guild Window

The guild window is accessed in-game, by pressing alt+G. This window is the interface used to change anything related to the guild, (that can be changed) and to view information such as who is currently online, the amount of people on, and the amount of people the guild can hold vs. the amount of people currently in the guild.

Guild Master

Guild masters can manage members' positions and set experience tax levels. When being taxed in a guild, only your base experience is taxed. Your job experience will be unchanged by it. Taxes can only be set up to 50% of your base experience. Guild masters can also write messages, which are displayed when members log on/off, teleport/flywing, or change maps.

* Note: For people who do not wish to see messages, (such as when teleporting/changing maps often) the /li or /loginout command will disable these messages, as well as "Guildsman _ has dis/connected" messages.


Guilds can also have their own personalizied "emblem." An emblem is a small picture which can make it easy to identify members, especially in WoE. Emblem Creation:

* Select a design for the Emblem.
* Emblems must be 24X24 pixels in BMP format using 256 colors
* Create a folder named Emblem inside the ragnarok online folder (C:\Program Files\Gravity\Ragnarok Online), copy the emblem file into the Emblem folder. If you do not already have this folder, you will have to make it.

Guild Levels

Guilds, like characters, have levels. Guilds gain levels by members who donate their base experience through taxes. After a guild gains a level, one skill point is obtained, which can then be used on a variety of guild skills. A table of Levels vs. Experience can be found at Guild Experience Table.

Guilds have certain skills which can be used in or outside of WoE. All "Active" skills can only be used by the Guild Master. For a guild skill tree, you can visit Guild Skills.
Image:Guild System_Battle Command.gif Battle Command
Image:Guild System_Cold Heart.gif Cold Heart
Image:Guild System_Contract with Kafra.gif Contract with Kafra
Image:Guild System_Glorious Wounds.gif Glorious Wounds
Image:Guild System_Great Leadership.gif Great Leadership
Image:Guild System_Guardian Research.gif Guardian Research
Image:Guild System_Guild Approval.gif Guild Approval
Image:Guild System_Guild Extension.gif Guild Extension
Image:Guild System_Permanent Development.gif Permanent Development
Image:Guild System_Regeneration.gif Regeneration
Image:Guild System_Restoration.gif Restoration
Image:Guild System_Sharp Gaze.gif Sharp Gaze
Image:Guild System_Strengthen Guardians.gif Strengthen Guardians
Image:Guild System_Urgent Call.gif Urgent Call
Outdated Skills

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