Refinement System

Equipments in Ragnarok Online can be 'upgraded' or 'refined' by upgrade NPCs in each major towns to make them more powerful. All equipments have maximum upgrade level of +10, starting from +0. +0 items do not have any prefixes, but once you get upgrades, number of upgrade levels will be displayed on the equipment - IE) +5 Stunner.

Also, you can turn in Rough Oridecon and Rough Elunium to create single refined Oridecon and Elunium, which are needed for upgrading weapon Lv. 3 / Lv. 4 items and armors, respectively.

* 1 Upgrade NPC Locations
* 2 Upgrade Requirements
o 2.1 Reagents and Cost
o 2.2 Refining Rough Oridecons and Eluniums
* 3 Effects Gained
* 4 Safety Level
* 5 Socket Enchants
o 5.1 Armors
o 5.2 Weapons
* 6 External Links

Upgrade NPC Locations

Note: Put coordination / map name / general direction of upgrade NPCs.

* Inside Prontera (prt_in) 63,60
* Inside Morroc (morrocc_in) 73,38
* Payon Town (payon) 144,173

Upgrade Requirements

To upgrade an equipment, make sure you have the following:

* Equipment
* Money
* Reagent

Not all item types can be upgraded. Following list shows item types that cannot be upgraded.

* Mid and Low Headgears
* Accessories
* Any items that are not equipments
* Certain armors cannot be upgraded, these usually have such noted in its item description. Most headgear that gives 10% damage reduction against a certain race falls into this catagory.

Reagents and Cost

To upgrade, you need to provide a reagent in order to upgrade your equipment. Reagent required differs depending on weapon level of the equipment. As for armors, they all take same reagent regardless of type.

Money taken also differs depending on weapon level of the weapon.

Following list shows reagent + money required.

* Weapon Lv. 1 - Phracon (200 Z from NPC Shop) + 50 Z Fee
* Weapon Lv. 2 - Emveretarcon (1,000 Z from NPC Shop) + 200 Z Fee
* Weapon Lv. 3 - Oridecon (Monster drop) + 5,000 Z Fee
* Weapon Lv. 4 - Oridecon + 20,000 Z Fee
* All Armor Types - Elunium (Monster drop) + 2,000 Z Fee

Refining Rough Oridecons and Eluniums

When you collect 5 Rough Oridecons and Rough Eluniums, you can convert it to a single Oridecon or Elunium by talking to an NPC in the upgrade shop. Note that you can make only one pure Oridicon or Elunium each time you talk to the NPC.
Effects Gained

When you successfully upgrade, you gain following effects:

* Weapons
o Weapon Lv. 1 - Every +1 upgrade gives +2 ATK (+3 ATK for every overupgrade).
o Weapon Lv. 2 - Every +1 upgrade gives +3 ATK (+5 ATK for every overupgrade).
o Weapon Lv. 3 - Every +1 upgrade gives +5 ATK (+7 ATK for every overupgrade).
o Weapon Lv. 4 - Every +1 upgrade gives +7 ATK (+13(?) ATK for every overupgrade).
* Armors
o Every +1 upgrade gives +1 (it's actually only 2/3) Equipment DEF (not VIT DEF).

Upgrades are useful, as for weapon upgrade, it reduces damage range between min - max damage (allowing you to do better average damage), it also increases your damage range. For armors, it reduces damage you take by 2/3% per every upgrade level.
Safety Level

Safety Level is maximum level of refinement you can do to an equipment with guaranteed success with 0% chance of failure. Anything past the safety level has chance to fail, and failure means your equipment will be permanently destroyed and gone from the game, including any cards and other enchantments it may have had. You won't be refunded money and the reagent took to upgrade in failed upgrades.

So give it a careful thought if you want to upgrade an equipment beyond its safety level.

* Weapons
o Weapon Lv. 1 - Safety Level +7
o Weapon Lv. 2 - Safety Level +6
o Weapon Lv. 3 - Safety Level +5
o Weapon Lv. 4 - Safety Level +4
* Armors
o All armor types have Safety Level +4

Socket Enchants(NOT IMPLEMENTED)

This is currently on kRO only! It is added with update 11.1 (Rachel)

This is a relatively new system instated that allows players to add an additional card slot into select pieces of equipments. They are divided by "ranks", which will require different amount of Z and items (more expensive stuff will be required the higher the rank of the item you plan to upgrade). Success rates will also depend on the rank; higher rank items will have lower success rates.

When successfully enchanted, item will gain 1 more slot to insert a card into. However, there are some exceptions. Some items have different effects as a result of successful enchant.

* Items that will give 2 new card sockets.
o [1]
o [2]
o [3]
o [4]
o [5]
o [6]

* Items that will have options changed.
o [7] will have STR + 2 option reduced to STR + 1 after receiving a new card socket.
o [8] / [9] will have INT + 2 option reduced to INT + 1 after receiving a new card socket.

List of items that can be upgraded, their cost, and items required:

* Rank C Items - Requires 20,000 Zeny and 3 Iron.
o Mantle, Coat, Circlet, Biretta

* Rank B Items - Requires 25,000 Zeny and 5 Iron.
o Mirror Shield, Chain Mail, Saint's Robe, Silk Robe, Boots, Shoes, Muffler, Guard, Buckler, Shield, Bongun Hat

* Rank A Items - Requires 40,000 Zeny and 1 Elunium.
o Gemmed Sallet, Bucket Hat, Memory Book, Tights, Legion Plate Armor, Full Plate, Thief Clothes, Greaves, Coif, Manteau, Helm, Ninja Suit, Orc Helm, Ancient Cape, Monk Hat, Golden Gear, Brooch, Munak Hat

* Rank S Items - Requires 200,000 Zeny and 2 Elunium.
o Majestic Goat, Spiky Band, Bone Helm, Corsair, Tiara, Crown, Sphinx Hat, Robe of Cast, Earring, Ring


* Rank C Items - Requires 20,000 Zeny and 10 Phracon.
o Trident, Rope, Violin

* Rank B Items - Requires 30,000 Zeny and differing item requirements.
o Chain, Pike, Waghnak: 10 Phracon.
o Lute, Wire Whip: 10 Emveretarcon.
o Gakkung Bow: 5 Iron.
o Gladius: 1 Oridecon, 5 Iron.
o Haedonggum, Arbalest: 2 Oridecon, 5 Iron.

* Rank A Items - Requires differing amount of Zeny and items.
o Hunter Bow, Flamberge, Stunner, Claymore: 50,000 Zeny, 2 Oridecon, 10 Iron.
o Survivor's Rod (INT), Ballista, Berserk: 50,000 Zeny, 5 Oridecon, 10 Iron.
o Infiltrator: 70,000 Zeny, 5 Oridecon, 10 Iron.
o Zweihander: 80,000 Zeny, 5 Oridecon, 10 Iron.

* Rank S Items - Requires differing amount of Zeny, but same item requirements of 5 Oridecon and 10 Iron.
o Gungnir, Poison Knife, Sucsamad, Ginnungagap, Cutlus, Crescent Scythe: 100,000 Zeny.
o Ice Pick, Survivor's Rod (DEX): 200,000 Zeny.


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