Special Super Quests

Buster Sword

A long and heavy sword once weilded by a mercenary, whose abilities are said to still linger within the sword.
Dex-10, Hit-50, Flee -40, Pierces Defense of opponent, Enables the power to change weapon element, Autocast Meteor Storm lvl 7 upon attacking.
"To bring this sword you need to fulfill a mission. Vest itens asked by the guard of the sword and if you be honored enough, Cloud will give the right to to use the Buster Sword!"

  • 2 - Executioner's Glove(7017)
  • 20 - Bloody Edge(7024)
  • 30 - Blade of Darkness(7023)
  • 30 - Mothers Nightmare(7020)
  • 50 - Foolishness of the Blind(7021)

Novice Suit

A cleverly made novice disguise once used by a devious character to portray himself as an apprentice, for his own selfish and deceitful reasons. Disguises you as a novice and deceives your enemies!
"To possess the novice powers, you it must fulfill a mission and prove your self!!"

  • 200 Black Hair(1020)
  • 200 Blue Hair(1034)
  • 200 Burning Hair(7122)
  • 200 Glossy Hair(7152)
  • 200 Golden Hair(1060)
  • 200 Horrendous Hair(1048)
  • 100 Skirt of Virgin(1049)
  • 100 Alice's Apron(7047)

Full Metal State Alchemist Pocket Watch

A pocket watch only given to those who has achieved the title of State Alchemist. Amplifies the abilities of the user.
Enables no cast cancel, decreases cast time by 5%, increases Magic Attack by 15%, DEX + 10.
Enchants free cast lvl 1, consumes 100% more SP and Max HP/SP + 5%.
"To become a State Alchemist you must to prove that it is capable! Fulfills this mission and gets the respect of all and it envies of some, using this exclusive FMA!"

  • 1 - Munak Doll(7277)
  • 100 - Foolishness of The Blind(7021)
  • 200 - Clock Hands(1095)
  • 200 - Worn-out Magic Scroll(7099)
  • 200 - Worn Out Page(1097)

Lord Kaho's Horn

A special headgear created specifically for Lord Kaho… Whoever he is.
"The elders to tell about old legends, but who will know to say what kind of truths, or stories of fairies, are these? Fullfill this mission and it tries to unmask these mysteries yourselves!"

"First collect a few itens!"

  • 3 Emperiums
  • 20 - Elunium
  • 20 - Oridecon
  • 50 - Gold
  • 100 - 3Carat Diamonds

"Now you must prove that is a great warrior and hunt some hard monster!"

  • 1 Skull - From Dark Lord
  • 1 Heroic Emblem - From Orc Hero
  • 1 Evil Horn - From Baphomet
  • 1 Red Frame - From Doppelganger
  • 1 Smoking Pipe - From Eddga
  • 1 Fang of Garm - From Garm
  • 1 Mother's Nightmare - From Maya
  • 1 Sphynx Hat - From Osiris
  • 1 Diamond Ring - From Mistress

"Once its done, you must prove that it is a good investigator and find some secrets that will lead you to in the search for the secret of the Kaho!"

  • 1 - Breath of Spirit
  • 1 - Feather of Angel
  • 1 - Spirit of Fish
  • 1 - Emblem of the Sun God

"You are a good investigator and warrior, but you need to be patient!"

  • 1 - Hyegun Hat
  • 1 - Asura Helm
  • 1 - Valkire helm
  • 1 - Dark Valkire Helm

"Now you are in the right way, lets see if you have see if you have a goodness heart"

  • 1 Poring Doll
  • 1 Chonchon Doll
  • 1 Baphomet Doll
  • 1 Osiris Doll
  • 1 Rocker Doll
  • 1 Apez Fanitem Doll
  • 1 Racoon Doll
  • 1 Spore Doll

VIP Arena Passport

An express ticket to "VIP ARENA'' the realm of the missing lifes!
"Instinct RO VIP Arena for bullfighting was prepared for the best and more dedicated players to be able to hunt the rarest monsters of Midgard. To obtain pass, you it will have that to fulfill a very hard mission!!"

You'll need these itens:
5 - Necklace of Wisdom from Medusa or Anubis
5 - Mother's Nightmare from Maya
5 - Fang of Garm from Garm
5 - Root of Stone from Dracula
5 - Spirit of Fish from Strouf
5 - Sputum of Bird from Drake
5 - Sinew of Bear from Eddga
5 - Emblem of the Sun God from Pharaoh
5 - Breath of Spirit from Baphomet
5 - Snow Crystal from Stormy Knight
5 - Omen of Tempest from Lord of Death
5 - Fragment of Rossata Stone from Amon Ra
5 - Soft_Apron from Evil Snake Lord
5 - Osiris Doll from Osiris
5 - Footprints of Cat from Moonlight Flower
5 - Embryo from Dark Lord
5 - Billow from Tao Gunka
5 - Ripple from Thanatos
5 - Eye of Hellion from Detale
5 - Drifting Air from Sniper Shecil
5 - Cart Parts from Harword
5 - Will of the Darkness from Bacsojin
5 - Cinocas Case File from Turtle General
5 - Old Pendant from Orc Hero
5 - Crystal Mirror from Dark Frame
5 - Hinalle from Rafflesia
5 - Young Twig from Mistress
5 - Foolishness of the Blind from Hode
5 - Angel Wing from Angeling
5 - Agate from Arc Angeling
5 - Evil Wing from Mini Demon
5 - Stiff Horn from Filamentous
5 - Red Ribbon from Angeling

Biolab Quest

Please, take Butterfly Wings with you while doing the quest.

1- How to get to the "Right District" (place of the quest)
Go to Lighthauzen, coordinates 267 200 and talk with the "Security Guard"
if the city is on alert because of the Mobster, search and kill some of them until the alert is taken off. After doing that, talk to the NPC and it will take you to the "Right District".

2- Finding "Piciburn"
After you arrive in the "Right Disctrict”, go to the coordinates 341 224 to find "Piciburn".
Talk with him until he talks something albout the Biolabs. He will ask for 20 jellopys to give you the information, and then teleport you to the "Secret Room".

3.1- Findind the "Cube Model"
Search under the bed to take the first "Small Stick".
Right after that, search under the table to get another "Small Stick".
Now search under the bed again and a text box will pop up, write "long stick" on it.
In the end, you will obtain the first of three objects, the "Cube Model".

3.2- Finding the "Polygon Model"
Go to the table on the corner and examine the Cup over it.
Go to the table again, but now search the Shelf and use the "rusty key" to get the "green key".
Now use the "Green Key" on the Closet next to the door to obtain the Polygon Model.

3.3- Finding the Ellipse Model
Search the "Documents" on the floor beside the table to find the "Red Key".
Use the key on the "Drawer" to get the "Small Knife".
Use the knife to take the Picture off the wall behind the table. You will get a number sequence doing this.
Write down the numbers.
Only the left number of the pair will be used, the right number of each pair indicates the order that the numbers must be written.

Example: 93 56 29 44 18 31 77 62 85.
Numbers to be used: 9 5 2 4 1 3 7 6 8
Order: 3 6 9 4 8 1 7 2 5

With the numbers in hand, go to the box on the corner, open it and get the "Axe".
Destroy the barrel. There will be a box with a password. Use the number sequence here, writing a number and clicking "OK", do this until you write all numbers.
Now go to the Generator and use the "Yellow Key" tha you got from the barrel.
A light will be turned on next to the bed, go there and destroy the light to obtain the "Black Key". Use it on the Test Tube next to the Generator to get the Ellipse Model!
Now head to the box next to the closet, use all the Models ang get the passport to the Lab.


Now use the butterfly wing and go back to Lighthauzen city. Go the coordinates 309 302 and use the culvert pipe to get in the Lab.
Once made the quest, it is not necessary to make it again as long as you have the Passport to get in the dungeons.
Remember to have the Passport equiped (it is an acessory) to get in the Labs.

Biolab Quest Credits:
Translated by Magnus
Written by ..Tomoyo..

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