Wild Instinct Project Quests

Iten Name Effect
2508,Ragamuffin Manteau[1] DEF 5, Mag. Def 25, Swordman, Marchant, Teakon, Thief and Champion jobs
2511,Skeletons Cape[1] STR +2, DEX +2, LUK +2. INT -3, VIT -3, AGI -4.
2518,Morpheus's Shawl[1] DEF 5, Max SP +10%, Magician, Acolyte, Archer and Teakon jobs
2520,Goibne's Shoulder Arms[1] 10% resistance against ranged physical attacks, MDEF + 2.

All itens listed can be obtained with donations, verify in our forum, THE COMPLETE LIST

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