Headgears Wings

Wild Instinct Project Quests

Iten Name Effect
2284,Arch_Demon AGI+5 LUK+5
2296,Dark_Angel Wings STR+5, VIT+5
5011,ArchAngel DEX+5 INT+5
5021,Demon Wings AGI+8, LUK+8
5027,Big_Angel Wings DEX+8, INT+8
5043,Dark_Angel Wings STR+8, VIT+8
2262,Butterfly Wing dex+8, int+8 (Female Only)
2272,Fairy Wing Agi+8, luk+8 (Female Only)
2293,Pink Panther Wings STR+8, AGI+8 (Female Only)

All itens listed can be obtained with donations, verify in our forum, THE COMPLETE LIST

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