Wild Instinct Project Quests

Special Hats Upper-Mid

Iten Name Effect
2212,Black Deamon Helm[2] +3 DEX, +3 STR
5082,Helm of Baal[2] +3 VIT, +3 INT

Hats - Upper

Iten Name Effect
2239,Usako Fox Ears[1] Hability to use skills without gems
2256,White Magician Hat INT+8, Max SP +150, -20% neutral damage
2258,Floppy Bunny Hat[1] Luk+5, Flee+5
2259,Usako Checkered Cap[1] Max SP +5%
2263,Dumbo Hat[1] Def+5, vit+3
2265,Angel Helmet of Shadows[1] Magic atk 5%, Atk+5
2274,Karu's Accursed Hyegun Hat[1] AGI+2, DEX+2, INT+2
2279,Deviruchi Ears[1] Max HP +10%
2290,Bunny Cartola[1] Atk+25
5015,Stuffed Panda Hat[1] Vit+2, luk+5, int+2
5034,Asura Helm[1] STR+5, DEX+3, INT+3 (Champion only)
5036,Dowry[1] Magic def +3, Luk+5
5069,Kitsune Mask[1] AGI+2, DEX+2, INT+2
5071,Snow Cap[1] Long Atk Rate 3
5073,Cat Ears[1] Atk+5, Critical+3
5106,Bone Helm[1] Str+5, +5% dmg against medium size monsters
5142,Black Gentleman Hat[1] Luk+3, agi+1, vit+2
5144,Usako Back Ribbon[1] Int+10

All itens listed can be obtained with donations, verify in our forum, THE COMPLETE LIST

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