Wild Instinct Project Quests

One Handed Swords Effect
1131,Ice Falchion[1] Ele. Water,Effect Freeze 50%, AutoSpell Cold Bolt, merchant jobs
1137,Excalibur[2] Int+5, Luk+10, Dex+1,Ele. Holy, Swordmen, merchants and thief jobs
1138, Mysteltainn[2] Atk Ele Dark, Ele.Ghost +15 damage, AutoSpell Stone Curse, Add Effect Stone Curse by 1%, Dex+3, Swordmen, marchants and thief jobs
1140,Byeollungum[2] Add +10% damage against all monsters, All Stats+2, Swordmen, marchants and thief jobs
Two Handed Swords Effect
1180,Buster Sword[2] ATK 220, Dex-10, Hit-10, Flee-40, Ignore Demi-Human Def. , AutoSpell Meteor Storm and Sonic Bow, Swordman job only
1161,Balmung[2] Int+20, Luk+20, Swordman job only
1165,Masamune[3] Flee+30, Str +5, Def Rate -67, Swordman job only
1164, Muramasa[1] Critical+30, Eff. Curse 1%, Swordman job only
1169, Executioner[1] Ignore Demi-Human Def, Add +40 damage against Demi-Human, Atk Ele Dark, Swordman job only
Daggers Effect
1238,Zeny Knife[4] Add the hability to get zeny from monsters, every jobs
1242, Dagger of Counter[4] Critical 90, AutoSpell Counter Attack skill, Magician, Acolity, gladiators and thief jobs
Two Handed Axes Effect
1368,Tomahawk[4] Atk Ele Wind; Skill Throw Tomahawk, Marchat job only
Two Handed Staves Effect
1472, Soul Staff[4] Int+5, Agi+2, Mag. ATK +15%, Magician and acolyte jobs
1621, Novice Staff[4] Int+5, Agi+2, Magic atk+15%, Magician and acolyte jobs
Maces Effect
1517,Sword Mace[4] Int+5, Acolyte jobs only

All itens listed can be obtained with donations, verify in our forum, THE COMPLETE LIST

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